Dressing your windows


Window treatments are always a dilemma.  I get so many questions about the best type of to use.  I believe the best advice I can give is based on the type of design you have chosen for your home.  I’ll

Lodge Style

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I was supposed to be in New Mexico right now for a little vacation but things happened and we had to cancel. So now I’m here in Oklahoma and dreaming of my mountain vacation. It’s just a mountain month for

Nursery Re-design


The nursery is finally finished, mainly because my friend Dawn came from Dallas and she’s an organizer so she was cracking the whip all weekend. The bedroom was set up differently than in our old house so I had to

How to Light up your Home


I personally hate walking into a dark room.  I am constantly turning on lights and my husband keeps turning them off (to save energy..blah blah blah).  If I had my way, every room would have light all the time whether

Fall Favorites

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Back to school, pumpkin spice lattes, yellow mums and boots! Fall is just around the corner and for some parts of the country you already seeing it so I want to share with you my Fall Favorites! Let’s shop! Update