Fall Favorites

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Back to school, pumpkin spice lattes, yellow mums and boots! Fall is just around the corner and for some parts of the country you already seeing it so I want to share with you my Fall Favorites! Let’s shop! Update

Creating a Study Space for Kids

Schools are in full swing and It’s time for your kids to hit the books and do their homework.  (ok let’s be real, our homework!)  Let’s get organized and make their study space the best for learning.  Here’s some key items you



Last week was my big 30th birthday so my amazing husband sent me to Austin to be with some of my best friends and booked us a room at the legendary Hotel San Jose. It was the perfect way to

Beautiful Bedroom Before and Afters


We love seeing before and after pictures! It’s such a wonderful feeling to see all that hard work pay off. We’ve gathered up some amazing before and after bedroom transformations to spread the love. We designed the French style bedroom for

Makeover Reveal: Family/playroom


Well, we finally put the finishing touches on the family room (curtains) and I can now reveal it to you all. We’ve never had a second living area so we didn’t have any furniture for the space, which means, this

When In Doubt, Dip!

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Sometimes just a simple pop of color can completely transform a room, a chair, even a boring old can. When you feel like your life needs to be a little more colorful, just dip something in a little paint. There

Morning Inspiration

design a cozy little spot via Style Pantry

Are you burning the candle at both ends?  Are your days and nights confused?  Is coffee your best friend?  There is a way to train your body to get back into a normal rhythm.  I recently attended a class on light and

Hundred Humor


Ok, I am probably going to regret this, even as I type the words I am already having second thoughts, but hey, what the heck if you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re just too serious! So, we went to